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But it does appear to be the case that a tiny minority of individuals are still against fluoridation. It is difficult to imagine why they oppose something which obviously promotes so much benefit to health. Unfortunately, many opponents still make the wildest statements, which have not been proven by controlled, scientific investigation. To the lay person caught up in the debate, it is a question of trying to sort out the facts from the propaganda.

No harm to the kidneys and no allergic reactions

It is interesting to note that the allegations of anti-fluoridation groups about medical side effects are invariably refuted by the specialized research organisations and medical experts such as the Royal College of Physicians. Kidney problems and allergic reactions are often cited by opponents. By contrast, the National Kidney Foundation of America says that fluoridation does not harm the kidneys. And both the American Association for the Study of allergy and the British Society of allergy and Clinical Immunology insist that there is no evidence of intolerance to fluoride as used in community water fluoridation.

No association with cancer

Nothing could be more calculated to frighten people than to suggest that something causes cancer. Some people have made such a claim about fluoridation. There is no scientific evidence for this. The claim, however, is clearly capable of upsetting individuals who live in an area that is already fluoridated or is about to become fluoridated. Throughout the world, the US National Cancer Institute, the Royal Statistical Society, Oxford University, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the Royal College of Physicians have all refuted unanimously the claim that fluoride causes cancer. In South Africa the Cancer Association of South Africa and the South African Society for Medical Oncology support water fluoridation.

To show that fluoridation is a cause of cancer, it must be demonstrated, with accepted epidemiological methods, that it significantly increases the incidence of cancer in a community. So far, this has not been shown. The studies that have been published that have made such claims have all been discredited for unscientific manipulation of the facts. Each time, the same data have been re-analysed correctly, and shown to have been incorrectly and unscientifically manipulated to show a relationship that just does not exist.

No Difference between natural and adjusted fluoridation

It has been claimed that the fluoride occurring naturally is not the same as that used when adjusting the levels of fluoride in the water supplies. The fact is, that the body uses the fluoride “ion” (electrically charged atom), which is the same whether the fluoride in the water has come from the rocks and soil, or from a chemical added under controlled conditions.

Evidence from the most extensively fluoridated country in the world

The United States is the most extensively fluoridated country in the world. Over half of all Americans drink fluoridated water. Currently, 42 of the largest 50 cities in the US fluoridate their drinking water supplies. The safety aspects have been of prime concern to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which fully endorses fluoridation and actively promotes it. Fluoridation is also supported by the American Dental and Medical Associations and by the American Oral Health Institute, which has published a 180-page long analysis showing how anti-fluoridation groups abuse basic scientific principles in putting across their particular viewpoint. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also supports water fluoridation.

Support from our public representatives…

All the major political parties in South Africa support water fluoridation. The Minister and Department of Health is leading the campaign to fluoridate the piped water supplies in South Africa, and is supported by the Minister and Department of Agriculture, and the Minister and Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

Fluoride toothpaste is used all over the world, but for the poor, the relatively high cost means it is difficult to afford, and so it is not used. It should therefore only be used as a public health measure where water fluoridation is not practicable. A programme of subsidization will be required to improve the availability of fluoride toothpaste’s to those communities most in need. Cost-saving measures such as the removal of VAT, and providing supplies of un-packaged toothpaste to schools and community clinics, will need to be used.

The effectiveness of fluoridated salt is about the same as that of water, but only when appropriate concentrations and patterns of use occur. It could be considered at a later stage in specific areas, after appropriate studies are carried out on the patterns of salt intake, manufacture and distribution.

Fluoride can also be applied topically to the teeth by oral health professionals, and fluoride rinses, drops and tablets are also available. But these other forms of supplementing fluoride do not guarantee a consistent intake, and are much more expensive than water fluoridation. The greatest reductions in tooth decay have been shown where water fluoridation is available in addition to topical fluorides, toothpaste, and fluoride rinses.

The medical effects of fluoride

There are absolutely no proven problems with fluoride at the correct, small levels needed to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride in large doses, over long periods of time, can have an effect on teeth and bone. In the teeth, dental fluorosis only occurs during the time the teeth are forming. When they erupt, small white patches and lines may appear, but most dental fluorosis is difficult to detect, even by oral health professionals. In extremely high fluoride concentrations, brown mottling of the tooth enamel occurs, and bone may become more dense, although this does not always happen.

For these reasons, those areas that have existing levels of fluoride higher than recommended, will require some form of defluoridation, so the beneficial effects of fluoride can be retained, without experiencing fluorosis.

Fluoridation: safety first

We know that fluoride at the right level succeeds in reducing tooth decay by as much as 60%. Since tooth decay is one of our most common diseases, that’s good news. But naturally we need to know whether it is safe to drink water with this level of fluoride, and so it is necessary to examine the evidence. Fortunately, there is a very large body of scientific literature that has been devoted to this over the last 50 years, and many individuals and communities have been carefully and scientifically studied.

One of the reasons that several thousand references on the biological properties of fluorides and the effect of fluoride on bones and teeth now exist, is that some people have made some strange claims about fluoridation, none of which have been shown to be true. This has even been tested in courts of law: a few years ago, after the longest civil court case in British history, the judge concluded that fluoridation was both beneficial and safe. The US courts, as well as the British, have also ruled that fluoridation does not impinge on a fundamental right, does not violate a recognized constitutional right to privacy, and does not constitute compulsory medication.

As far back as 1962, US court findings were summarized in a comment that is still valid to-day: “it may be safely concluded that every argument which the ingenuity of the opponents of fluoridation has found has been heard and answered by the courts. It is now a settled principle of law that a community has the inherent right to fluoridate the public water supplies. In so doing it is not practising medicine, engaging in socialized medicine, giving mass medication or violating the pharmaceutical laws. The individual’s rights, which are protected under the Constitution, do not extend to prevent public programs of this kind. In view of this unanimity and comprehensiveness of judicial opinion, it is unlikely that there will be any decisions in the future adverse to fluoridation of public water supplies”.

Fitness trackers have provided a new way to live healthy life. Presently so many big brands are launching their feature rich fitness trackers into market so you can easily find a perfect tool for your routines. Some of these advanced tracking devices are capable enough to measure amount of calories that you burnt in a day, total distance that you travelled and even the sleeping patterns you follow. This is really impressive! So you can now have better ways to stay active for whole of the day. As market is loaded with so many competing handy fitness trackers these days so it may be difficult for most of buyers to pick the right device. Let us go through a review of top fitness trackers; it will help you to make better decision:

Garmin Vivosmart HR+:

Here is the top ranked fitness tracker in form of an attractive wearable. Its big touch screen allows users to read all updates easily and the best part is that it can dive with you with its water proof body. It has a built in GPS and offers battery backup of 5 days. You will be glad to know that it is equipped with built in heart sensor module so it can keep your health well managed. All details are updated via active notifications in terms of idle alerts, alarm, emails and text as well as call. It is available with price tag of $170 only.

Fitbit Charge 2:

This standard fitness tracker appears more like an expensive piece of jewellery and Fitness have added a bigger display to this Charge 2 model. So you can enjoy clear notifications from your smartphone. This advanced fitness tracker unit is capable enough to track cardio fitness level. Its active notifications and exercise guidelines can help you to lower down your blood pressure levels, reduce anxiety and stress. It falls in the price range of $150 only.

Withings Steel HR:

If you are little crazy about the analog like things then you must check this Withings Steel HR. It is the perfect combination of comfort, affordability and style. It’s gorgeous sports digital display make it more attractive and the inbuilt heart rate sensor make it perfect for your fitness routines. However, the GPS is missing in this device but yes; it can go underwater up to 50m meters with its waterproof sleek body.

Polar M600:

Here is one more popular name in the list of top health and fitness activity trackers. This tiny wearable device is designed with a optical heart rate monitor, built in GPS and offers 4GB on board storage. It can track your fitness level during all activities throughout the day and offer perfect follow ups during hiking, skiing and rowing.

You can buy any of these popular fitness trackers for your routine health updates; they can make your routines more accurate. The best trick is that they offer easy connectivity with smartphones so you can have regular updates about all fitness tricks.

Alcohol, or ethyl alcohol as it is rightly known, is colourless, tasteless and dissolves easily in water. It is a sedative hypnotic drug, which means it slows down or depresses the working of our central nervous system including the brain.

What types of alcohol are there?

Alcoholic drinks come as three main types, beer, wine and spirits. The colour of these different drinks comes from the ingredients used to make them, like grain (beer and whiskey) and fruit (wine and cider).

How will drinking alcohol affect me?

Alcohol affects different people differently. And this is because alcohol is so water-soluble (dissolves easily in water). Our bodies are mostly fluid so bigger bodies have more fluid to dilute the alcohol. This is why females who are generally smaller and lighter tend to become intoxicated (drunk) more quickly than males and also why young adolescents are more rapidly affected than adults.

Why does alcohol change behaviour?

Alcohol slows reactions and affects coordination.

It confuses the messages sent to the brain so it affects judgement.

As alcohol is a sedative drug it slows down the brain’s processes and can lead to memory loss and learning ability is affected.

It can lead to emotions such as anger and frustration which may lead to violent actions.

How does your body process alcohol?

Alcohol is processed by the liver. The liver is only able to process the amount of alcohol in one standard drink each hour. Drinking faster results in a level of intoxication related to the amount of alcohol consumed. Having a cold shower or drinking cups of black coffee does not change the amount of alcohol in the blood stream. Only time will do that.

Can having a drink affect your unborn child?

Alcohol abuse by pregnant women can be associated with abnormalities in the development of the growing baby.

Why does alcohol affect behaviour?

As alcohol passes straight into the blood stream and then to the brain, it affects behaviour immediately. Although at first the drinker appears relaxed and confident, the apparent confidence disguises the loss of coordination and slowed reactions. When drinking is continued emotional depression may result. The effects of alcohol on behaviour are increased if alcohol is used together with other drugs such as sedatives and tranquilisers.

How big is a standard drink?

One 90 ml glass of wine

One 200 ml glass of beer

One 20 ml single spirit

How do I drink safely?

Limit the amount you drink, one glass an hour is a good guide, but know when to stop.

Eat something before you drink and while you are drinking

Count your drinks, go and talk to people, dance.

Switch to soft drinks before you feel intoxicated.

Don’t let other people make you drink if you don’t want to.

Say “no” or just leave your drink.

Don’t drink and drive.

The modern world is treading down a healthy path. Wherever you turn your head, you will see the same number of gyms around yourself as the number of fast food restaurants.

When we mention the word “commitment”, we are no longer just talking about love or relationships. We are also talking about commitment to our fitness goals.  With the passing of time, we face various obstacles which make us re-evaluate our goals and mental processes. These hurdles can be overcome by using some motivational quotes to inspire yourself.

Everyone goes through a phase where their mind is constantly whispering to quit and enjoy the big scoop of ice-cream. Yet there are several ways in which one can trick their brain and have a firm mindset to stick to their goals and plans.  Along these lines, we have prepared a small list of how to stay motivated to hit your fitness goals.

Write Some Sticky Notes

Many-a-times, the human mind tends to be in a state of inertia, especially when one needs to push their limits physically. Embrace the idea of writing when it comes to seeking encouragement. Think about various “why(s)”. Why do you want to work-out? Why do you want to stay fit? Why should you not be lazy? Why should you stay motivated? These notes along with some motivating quotes will serve as a cushion when you fall and shatter internally. It will help ward off procrastination and keep you on your toes.

Switch Up Your Workouts

Changes are inevitable, yet a necessary part of our life. When it comes to your work-out, you can’t just keep on running or cycling as a part of your daily fitness regime. You need to change it up. This is not only important to keep the tempo up, but also important for the exercises to work properly.

Try different flavors in the fitness world. Lift some weights, do some power yoga. Try intensive strength building exercises. One must understand that this is not like trying different flavors of ice-cream. So you should make all these changes in your fitness regime under the expert’s guidance.

Get A Workout Partner Or Group

You must have often seen those videos floating over the internet, where people are working out with their best friends or partners, or a small knit circle. All these videos weren’t posted merely for the fun. There are actual benefits of working out with like-minded people. Humans are designed to work efficiently in a competitive atmosphere. This is a concept called social facilitation.

Henceforth, maintain your inspiration by working out in a group or with a partner. Just like reading motivational quotes, this technique will increase the durability of your activeness and lets you stick to your goals. You will be surprised by the results.

Find Good Music

One must not underestimate the power of some good work-out music. Good music fuels the motivation of a person to attain their fitness goals. You must shuffle your playlist and design a good workout music folder for yourself. These uptempo beats will definitely insinuate your desire to stay fit and adhere to your goals.

Reward Yourself

There is a popular reinforcement theory that is taught under the subject of psychology. We can exploit the dynamics of this theory and use it in sticking to our fitness goals. The theory says that the reward and punishment act as the mode of reinforcing a certain behavior in a human being.

Along these lines, one must definitely try rewarding themselves when they have achieved their daily workout goals for like a week. These rewards will act as reinforcement and will drive us to achieve more milestones in our fitness regime.